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Canton Business Dispute Attorneys Work To Ensure Your Best Interests

Georgia litigators provide strong advocacy in contract, tort and property matters

Even when your business is running smoothly, a potentially damaging legal battle could be just one incident away. If you’re faced with a business dispute, the proven Georgia litigators at Dyer Rusbridge Argo, P.C. in Canton can provide the highest levels of advice and advocacy. Whether your case stems from a contract breach, a disagreement with a fellow business owner or a fraud claim from a customer, we will assert your rights effectively and work to resolve the issue while avoiding undue delay and expense. 

Types of business disputes

Our business lawyers advocate for small and large Georgia companies in cases relating to the following: 

  • Breach of contract claims — Businesses rely on contract partners to fulfill their obligations. If a promise to you has been violated or you are accused of breaching an agreement, we will press for an appropriate resolution. 
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes — Internal conflicts over ownership stakes, management responsibilities or fiduciary duties can tear a business apart. In shareholder and partnership disputes, our attorneys support our clients while working to preserve the underlying business.
  • Misrepresentation — Deals that go wrong are sometimes followed by allegations of fraud. When there is a question about potential misrepresentation, our firm thoroughly researches the facts to build the strongest possible case for the party we represent. 
  • Business torts — Competing companies frequently accuse each other of tortious conduct, such as deceptive trade practices or interference with a contract or business relationship. 
  • Intellectual property infringement — Preservation of trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property can be critical to a company’s success. You can rely on us for effective counsel if an infringement claim arises. 

In these types of matters and others, our skill and experience can help you pursue the result you seek. 

Litigation of conflicts involving businesses

Nearly every business views litigation as a drain on resources. However, there are some disputes in which a favorable resolution cannot be reached without going to court. When litigation is the best way to achieve your goals, our firm develops a comprehensive strategy that begins prior to the filing of papers and runs through the end of the trial and possible appeals. During discovery, motion practice, settlement negotiations and other aspects of the litigation process, we keep our clients fully apprised of the latest developments, as well as their legal options and the potential consequences associated with each choice. Should your case be resolved through a trial, our attorneys are accomplished courtroom advocates.

Potential benefits of alternative dispute resolution

Most commercial disputes can be resolved outside of the courtroom. We prepare thoroughly for negotiations and look to identify creative ways to achieve a settlement with adversaries. Sometimes, a form of alternative dispute resolution is the best way to reduce the time, money and effort associated with a legal conflict. One option is mediation, where a qualified neutral third party works to foster consensus between the parties. In other cases, we handle arbitrations arguing for clients before an arbitrator who will render a decision that can be binding or non-binding. 

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